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    03 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI turbo problem

    Hi i am new to the forum. i hope someone can help i recently got my local garage to change the injector seals on my fiesta changed as they where leaking. they found that 3 of the injector seals where leaking, so they where change and everything was put back together and the car starts and runs but the turbo does'nt work at all! you can drive the car but its very slugish and theres no turbo assist. the garage thinks that the turbo has died and that i need to replace it. but it was working ok before the injector seals where changed, is it possible for the turbo the died so suddenly? or is there something that they could have forgotten to link back up? (theres no white or black smoke coming from the exhaust, but theres a slight wering noise coming from the turbo at higher revs. with the engine running you can hold the boost pipe and theres no much pressure as you can easily squease the tube)

    if i did have to get a new turbo where is the best place to get one from? as i have seen some cheap new ones on ebay for 190 but there make in china and i am not convinced it will last. and the local parts supplier has quoted 460 for a barrot replacement turbo and fitting kit which is the best price i have so far. As the local ford dealer wants 540.

    (sorry theres so many questions, but i need some help!)

    Thanks sean

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    Re: 03 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI turbo problem

    Unlikely to have such a coincidence. It does sound like something done/omitted by the garage, so they need to check over their work imho.
    The boost pipes won't pressurise properly until it's boosting under load, so you won't tell on that score unless it's being driven.

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